Be Koi

Koi are extremely  ΛΞSTHΞTIC . In this project I mathematically describe what it is to be a koi. Finite element analysis on water, the forces and behaviour of bodies in a fluid, and an automatic koi painter come together for 

​An automated area deterrent system that fires paint-balls at moving and accelerating targets using stereo-vision and target interception equations. The website will be updated shortly with more information.

Set To Soar

In this project I design and build a discus launched remote controlled glider. 


I do some rough material strength and performance calculations for major parts such as the wings after which I build and test the plane.

Sugar High

In this project I build small rocket engines out of PVC piping and sugar to get used to the concepts and because it's awesome.


I lay out some of the key principles in rocket motor design and function too.

Dust Drone

Add Description hereI intigrate a Pixhawk flight controller with APM rover installed and a model monster truck. This shows how I set up the hardware and radio as well as a video of the rover being tested at the end.


​We needed to build a marble distribution machine to sort 200 marbles into 3 containers. With some back-yard mechanics and a red-bull can we ran the fastest and most accurate time.

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